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About Me

I am a mechanical engineer, graduated from Gaziantep-Middle East Technical University in 1987. I have worked for

  1. the joint venture Temsa A.Ş - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries between 1987 and 1988 as a sales engineer regarding the heating and ventilation of industrial, residential and office buildings.
  2. Later, I joined Alarko-Carrier A.Ş and worked for them between 1990 and 2005 as an area sales manager regarding the similar heating and ventilation jobs again for large industrial, residential and office buildings. The subjects which I dealt with during the work in Alarko-Carrier were; VRF Systems, Super Modular Multi Systems, Refrigeration Systems, Split Type Air Conditioners, Air Curtains, Air Diffusion Components, Duct Design ,Ventilation, Generating Sets, Roof Top Air-Conditioners, Water Treatment units. Air Handling Units (AHUs)Chiller groups.
  3. Following these between 2005-2006 I worked as an area sales manager in Üntes A.Ş
  4. Following these between Feb, 2006-Sep ,2006 I worked as an area sales manager in Özkay Group which is Daikin Turkey distributor.
  5. Following these between 2006-2008 I worked as an Quality Control Mechanical Engineer in an American Government Contract, on İncirlik Air Base, as a QC Mechanical Engineer of contractor Makyal-Erka Jv Construction company in a design-built 100 units Eagle Housing project.I have completed the U.S army corps of engineers training course construction quality management for contractors.My certificate expires five years from date of 27 sep 2006
  6. Following these between 2008-2009 I worked as an Antalya area sales manager in Airfel A.Ş.
  7. I worked as a technical coordinator like a factory manager in Cantek A.Ş
  8. I worked as a Commissioning & Testing Adjusting & Balancing for HVAC systems(TAB) supervisor  of U.S.Army Corps of Engineer  at Kandahar,Afghanistan
  9. Now I amworking as a General Coordinator in Gipa A.Ş .Gipa A.Ş is a Johnson Controller Authorized Distributor.
My 25 years proffessional engineering experince is occupied with sales ,technical coordinator,factory manager and quality control experince.I also have the ability to work in most engineering and managerial related position.

Best Regards,
Soner Yesilgöz


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